KIDZ BOP Launches KIDZ BOP Sign Along Videos

KIDZ BOP Launches KIDZ BOP Sign Along Videos

To Celebrate British Sign Language Week

(13th – 19th March)

 To celebrate British Sign Language Week, KIDZ BOP, the #1 music brand for kids, is launching the KIDZ BOP Sign Along Video Series, available on KIDZ BOP’s YouTube Channel.KIDZ BOP collaborated with 13-year-old Maisie for the KIDZ BOP Sign Along series, a set of four Picture-in-Picture videos, where she appears in the corner using British Sign Language (BSL) to sign along to popular KIDZ BOP songs. Maisie is continuing to learn BSL as she has congenital hearing loss in both ears. The series is supported by the National Deaf Children’s Society, the leading charity for deaf children in the UK. The KIDZ BOP Sign Along series premiered today with KIDZ BOP’s “Afraid To Feel,” followed by “Dance Monkey,” “Friday,” and “Stay,” this week.


KIDZ BOP and Maisie worked with a BSL Consultant from Performance Interpreting Ltd to translate the songs using British Sign Language. The KIDZ BOP Sign Along series continues to create accessible content to get even more kids singing, dancing, and signing along to KIDZ BOP music videos. KIDZ BOP continues to make a commitment to caption its content across multiple platforms, making the brand even more accessible.


On set, KIDZ BOP hosted Deaf YouTuber Jazzy Whipps, deaf clothing brand DEAF IDENTITY, and representatives from the National Deaf Children’s Society to create BSL content together. This week, fans can follow along on KIDZ BOP’s socials for BSL content from Maisie, the KIDZ BOP Kids, and more.


Maisie said she enjoyed being on set meeting everyone as she continues to become more fluent in BSL. She hopes that these videos in celebration of British Sign Language Week will help more children who are deaf and have hearing loss enjoy music and raise awareness about communicating with BSL. Maisie said: “I’m excited to be a part of the KIDZ BOP Sign Along videos to help raise awareness of BSL during Sign Language Week, and to help kids who are deaf or have hearing loss enjoy KIDZ BOP’s music and sign along together!”

Susan Daniels OBE, CEO of the National Deaf Children’s Society, said: “We’re pleased to see KIDZ BOP showing a commitment to inclusivity by releasing this special series of videos to mark British Sign Language Week. It’s so important that deaf children see other children just like them in the media, to remind them that they are not alone and that they can achieve anything in life they set their minds to. Seeing deaf children on KIDZ BOP will also help dispel the widespread myth that deaf children can’t appreciate or take part in music and dance.”

Check out KIDZ BOP Sign Along series on KIDZ BOP’s YouTube Channel and follow along on @KIDZBOP Instagram and TikTok.