Why Female Entrepreneurs Invest in Property


Why Female Entrepreneurs Invest in Property

Up until recently, the number of female entrepreneurs was low. However, research conducted by HSBC in 2016, indicates that 59% of entrepreneurs under 35 years of age are female.

What’s more, the number of UK female entrepreneurs investing in buy-to-let properties has increased. This is evident from research done by RW Invest that revealed an increase of 140% of females searched properties in 2018.

So, why the increase? Women are more financially independent than in the past. And they are focused on achieving financial goals.

Although the number of women in business is increasing, there is still a pay inequality gap. This means women are seeking ways to boost their income and are using investing to do this.

Out of all the various types of investments, buy-to-let properties are seen by women as low-risk, compared to shares, bonds or cryptocurrency.

Real estate and especially, buy-to-let properties can provide a solid investment with strong yields, especially if you have chosen the right property in the right area.

An additional benefit of buy-to-let property investments is that they help female entrepreneurs run a successful business or career and raise children, while adding to their financial independence.

With the London housing trend seeing more people choosing to rent it is an ideal time for more women to take advantage of the property market. Not only are returns solid depending on the type of property and the location, but there is an increase in rental demand.

We recommend speaking to a professional before deciding that buy-to-let properties is your ideal investment.


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