Rainbow spaghetti

Rainbow spaghetti

With Neha @squashedpickle

Rainbow spaghetti is such a good material to use for sensory play! This spaghetti is so easy to make and my little one loved playing with it. Babies and toddlers will enjoy exploring the colour and texture of the spaghetti and as it is edible there are no worries about them putting it in their mouths.

You will need : 


Food colouring 

Zip lock bags 




Cook the spaghetti following packet instructions. 

Drain and pour cold water to stop cooking.

Put food colouring with a splash of water in zip lock bags.

Divide spaghetti into 5 and add to the different zip lock bags. 

Mix well, to help the colour disperse if needed.

Leave for 5 mins, then rinse the spaghetti under cold running water to set the colour.


You can also eat this with cheese and butter or add to salads!