Birthday Party Sponge Cake

Birthday Party Sponge Cake

By Stevies Pantry

Step by step…

Pic2 – Mix the softened butter and caster sugar together until it has creamed together.

Crack in one egg at a time and slowly add in 2 tablespoons of flour.

Pic 3-5 Mix together until all combined, repeat process until all eggs used and all flour is used.

Add in the baking powder and the vanilla extract and mix together to combine.

Pic 6 Add in the milk and mix together.

Pic 7 Prepare your cake tin and pour in. I just grease my tins, but you can add baking paper if you wish. This tin was 7” by 7”, and this mix is also suitable for an 8” round cake tin.

Pic 8-10 Make the buttercream by mixing the ingredients together and then spread it onto the top of the

Smooth the cake batter into the corners and around the tin until it is flat and even on top. cake and around the sides.

Pic 11-12 Once the buttercream has been added to the cake, you can add anything you want to the top, I find that sprinkles always add that extra sparkle and magic to a cake. 

Pic 13 Cut the cake up evenly and cling film wrap each section, and they are ready to add to party bags.