Healthy Chocolate

Healthy Chocolate

By Stevies Pantry

Step by step…

Picture 1-2

Add all of the ingredients into a saucepan

Picture 3

Add a very low heat to slowly melt the coconut oil, butters and other ingredients together – only for approx 1 min.

Picture 4

Mix the ingredients together with a whisk, so that any lumps have been mixed in.
At this point turn off the heat, and keepwhisking so that the chocolate is silky smooth.

Picture 5

Pour a little ladle of the chocolate ontoa silicone mat (alternatively you can useparchment paper).

Picture 6

Use a spatula to spread out the chocolate to your desired thickness and size. Don’t worry if it has gaps in the at this point.

Picture 7

At this point, add in whatever you would like to your chocolate. I’ve chosen to add in roasted hazelnuts, but you can add in a mixture of nuts, sultanas, other dried fruit, ginger stem, desiccated coconut etc.

Picture 8

Once you have added in your nuts, or anything else you like onto the chocolate, ladle on top another lot of chocolate. The second layer will cover all of the gaps and you’ll be able to thicken up the slab of chocolate.

Picture 9

Once you’re happy with your chocolate slab, place it in the fridge for approx one hour, or in the freezer, until it completelyfirms up.

Picture 10

Once the chocolate slab has firmed up, youcan remove it from the fridge.

Peel off the silicone or parchment paperand break up your chocolate slab into pieces. At this point, the chocolate should taste delicious with your chosen addition into the chocolate.

I keep my chocolate pieces in a glass container in the fridge, so that thechocolate stays firm and delicious.

If you don’t eat it all right away, the chocolate pieces will last at least two weeks.

Other ideas

I keep my chocolate in a jar so that I
can use for other treats and desserts whenever I need to. I have previously added peppermint extract to my chocolate, to make mint chocolate treats, you can
also add orange extract for a chocolate – orange taste. Other additions could be rose water extract, ginger extract, vanilla extract the list is endless and this raw chocolate works so well with any of these additions.

If you melt the chocolate in the jar (picture 11) over a bae-marie then you can use it
as a sauce to pour on top of pancakes orwaffles or use to dip fruit in – strawberriesand bananas are my favourite!

I have also previously poured this chocolate into moulds to make mini chocolate bars (picture 12), and chocolate spoons which my children have stirred into their hot chocolate and watched melt – yummy (picture 13).

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