Summertime Cold Brew Mocktails for Mums

Summertime Cold Brew Mocktails for Mums

Krisi Smith, Co-Founder & Owner of Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Summer days evoke images of relaxation, sipping on cool and refreshing drinks, and spending time with loved ones in the pursuit of happiness. But what type of cool refreshing drink is best for the occasion? Especially if you have little ones running around while you’re trying to kick back and enjoy yourself? While there are plenty of options to consider, nothing beats the simplicity and goodness of a cool glass of iced or cold brew tea. Whether enjoyed on its own or mixed into a tasty tea mocktail, iced or cold brew tea is super flavourful – especially when made with loose leaf tea – with health benefits that make it the perfect summer drink for parents.

Tea in any form, hot or cold is a great alternative to sugary sodas and artificial fruit juices as it’s naturally sugar free and, for fruit infused, herbal, and many rooibos teas, caffeine free too. Parents and kids can enjoy making and drinking iced and cold brew tea without worrying about sugar or calorie intake. Plus, tea is rich in antioxidants which help boost the immune system and, as it’s over 95% water, it can help you stay hydrated which boosts both mental and physical functions.

There are two ways that I recommend making cold tea drinks; by making a tea concentrate for iced tea and by cold brewing tea for an intense full flavoured cool drink.

How to make loose leaf iced tea
To make loose leaf iced tea, you’ll need to make a tea concentrate. So, you’ll need:
A teapot and strainer or our Brewdini Gravity Steeper
Your choice of summer loose leaf tea blends
A bottle
Put approx 3g (2 perfect tea spoons) of loose leaf tea into your teapot or Brewdini
Fill with 100ml of boiling water (adjust temp according to your tea type)
Brew for the correct amount of time (check the label)
Decant into your bottle and pop into your fridge to cool
Once cold, pour over ice in a glass (¾ full) and top with water, lemonade or any kind of milk!

How to make cold brew tea
To cold brew loose leaf tea, you’ll need:
a jug/bottle or our Cold Brew Tea Bottle
Water (or any kind of milk, soda water or lemonade)
Additional fruit/herbs if you wish (but not required)
Put approximately 10g (8 perfect tea spoons) of loose leaf tea in your jug/bottle or cold brew bottle
Leave to brew for at least 2 – 4 hours (leave overnight for a fuller flavour)
Pour into a glass with or without ice (or make it into a yummy mocktail!)
Don’t forget a strainer if you’re not using our cold brew tea bottle

Tea concentrates can be used in lots of different ways and are the base for many of our tea recipes. You shouldn’t drink them straight though, otherwise the tea will be too strong! Cold brewing however, brings out flavours in the tea that you may have never noticed before as the tea leaves are left to steep for much longer in a gentler brewing method of cold water steeping. It’s also great for parents as you can make them up and have them good to go in the fridge as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

Calling all mums who love mocktails, don’t let summer pass you by without trying some of these amazing tea recipes! Here are two of my favourites.

MojiTEA Green Tea Mocktail
Refreshing, zingy and healthy!

Approx 10g of MojiTEA loose leaf tea (8 perfect tea spoons)
900ml 80 degree water + some extra water
Fresh mint leaves
3 limes

Using a teapot and strainer or our Brewdini Gravity Steeper, brew for 3 minutes in 80 degree water (tip – add a splash of cold water to the boiling water)
Cool it in the fridge OR use our cold brew method above
Pour into a cocktail shaker half filled with ice
Squeeze 2 quarters of lime juice into the shaker
Top up with 50ml of water
Shake well and then pour into your glasses
Top with sprigs of mint and lime wedges (for extra flare!)
Relax and enjoy!

Makes 4 to 5 drinks

Blueberry & Peach Tea Mocktail
Fruity, sweet n’ sour and magical!

Approx 10g of Blueberry & Peach loose leaf tea (8 perfect tea spoons)
Fresh blueberries
1 peach

Pop the loose leaf tea into a jug/bottle or our Cold Brew Bottle
Fill halfway with lemonade
Keep it in the fridge for at least 2 -3 hours (or leave to infuse overnight)
Top up with lemonade
Pour into your glass, half filled with ice (if you’re not using our Cold Brew Bottle don’t forget to use a strainer for the tea leaves)
Add a splash of peach syrup if desired
Garnish with a slice of peach and some fresh blueberries
Sit back and sip!

Makes 3 – 4 drinks

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