Virtual Tours

LIVE Paultons Park Penguins

Live Penguins!

While the rollercoasters and rides at Hampshire-based Paultons Park are currently at a standstill, behind closed doors life goes on as normal for the Park’s popular wildlife attractions.

That’s why Paultons Park – the UK’s number one family theme park and the home of Peppa Pig World – has installed two fascinating webcams, running 24 hours a day, enabling fans to live stream the animal antics direct into the comfort of their homes.

London Zoo

From behind London Zoo’s gates

they’re bringing the Zoo to you!

Webcams and live streams, Animal antics, Zookeeper videos, Behind-the-scenes updates. From the comfort of your own dens, burrows and nests you’ll get the best of London Zoo, regularly updated so there’s always something new to enjoy. Discover London’s virtual zoo today!

British Museum

Virtual Museum tours with Google Street View

Did you know that the Museum is the world’s largest indoor space on Google Street View?

You can go on a virtual visit to more than 60 galleries – perfect for creating your own bespoke tour around your favourites. See highlights like the Rosetta Stone in the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery or discover gems like the beautiful textiles in the Sainsbury African Galleries.

Louvre Museum

Come along on a virtual tour of the Louvre and enjoy the view

Visit the museum’s exhibition rooms and galleries, contemplate the façades of the Louvre…

Sponsorship from Shiseido

Central Park, New York

NYC’s green centrepiece is available to tour online.

Not only does it show you the sites, it also comes with a guide who talks you through significant events in Central Park’s history as you “travel” from the West 72nd entrance.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Explore from your armchair

There are plenty of pictures of the famed canyon online, but get a little deeper with a VR archaeological tour. This allows armchair travellers to explore and learn more about the history behind the canyon’s formation by clicking on different geological features.