Rescuing birthdays in lockdown

Rescuing birthdays in lockdown

Does your little one have a birthday that falls in the seemingly never ending Lockdown? Are you wondering how to beat the disappointment of no party full of friends? Fear not, Bundle beds are here to help!

A Bundle Bed is a self-contained fully-bundled travel bed complete with everything you need for a great night’s sleep, be it for adults or kids.  Each bundle bed includes a super comfy 5cm or 8cm thick self-inflating mattress, an ultra-cosy 15-tog duvet, a pillow and soft 100% jersey cotton fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow case.

To ensure you have a party with no crazy mess, no sugar fuelled kids (well maybe one or two siblings, but that’s far more manageable than a room full!) and no breaking the bank with excessive decorations and party bag costs!


Introducing The Bundle Beds sleepover! Here’s how it works…

  1. The birthday boy or girl chooses which room to have their sleepover in and what Midnight feast snacks they would like.
  2. You ask them which family members they would like to “sleepover” (hopefully they say everyone) to give them the sense of still having some choice. Then have them make invitations for everyone that they can “deliver” to their room/bed.
  3. On the party night, decorate the birthday boy or girl’s chosen room with balloons and fairy lights, roll out their Bundle Bed, set them up with their snacks and an activity, and let the party begin.

A few ideas for entertainment…

       Set up a treasure hunt for everyone to do – Create clues that take each person to different places in the house where they will find their next clue and so on. Have everyone’s last clue culminate at the “treasure” and the first person to get to it wins. Depending on the age of the participant will determine how difficult the clue is. Ex. For Dad “Mum’s favourite” which could be where you keep the wine. For Birthday child “your favourite teddy”. Treasure can be anything from a stash of sweets to a new game to be played as a family, or perhaps a new movie that you will watch later.

       Pizza making – get set up with some pizza dough and have the kids each make a pizza to cook & eat during the party. For pudding we recommend roasting marshmallows – The Naked Marshmallow have some super kits.

       A craft activity – There are some fab companies that provide ready made kits for kids that would be super easy to get a hold of. Pinterest is also a gold mine of ideas for age appropriate crafts.

       Set up a movie for you all to watch together, dish out the snacks and have everyone get all tucked up in their Bundle Beds before you hit play.


FOLLOW UP – Our suggested shopping list:

       Northern Dough Co pizza dough for make your own pizzas

       Cotton.Twist Activity Packs

       Ask Mummy & Daddy Sweets

       The Naked Marshmallow