People are spending less on Christmas presents this year

People are spending less on Christmas presents this year

According to a new survey commissioned by Secret Santa name generator 36% of people will be spending less on presents than in previous years, with 41% of people citing being furloughed as the main reason for cutting back. 34% of people said they will be buying presents earlier so that they can budget.

The good news is that cutting back doesn’t mean you can’t be festive, you just have to get creative. Holding a Secret Santa is often considered an office tradition but are becoming more popular with 17% of people saying they host them with their family. A Secret Santa is a tradition where you are given a name secretly, and then have to buy that person a gift anonymously, once a budget has been set. It’s the ideal solution this Christmas if you are on a budget.

According to the survey, on average people spend £56 per person on presents.
So rather than buying presents this year for the whole family, why not just buy for the children and the adults all take part in a Secret Santa? If you usually buy for 6 adults at £56 per person, that’s a whopping £336. You could set a £50 budget for the Secret Santa, saving £286 and have a lot more fun too! Some families theme the presents, so they all have to buy something personalised, or a novelty gift.

26% of people surveyed said that they usually pull names out of a hat or bowl for their Secret Santa, but that’s going to be impossible this year with lockdown and social distancing. DrawNames is an exciting and 100% touchless, virtual and free Secret Santa gift exchange. It brings families together from across the globe. Over 12 million people have drawn names since its launch.

Using the Secret Santa auto gift finder, you can find the perfect present in the right price group for any family member. It’s all done for you at the click of a button and the present can even been sent directly. To make it even more fun you can have live unwrapping parties!

Arjan Kuiper, founder of said: ‘It’s no surprise that Christmas will feel a little different this year, but the great news is that 94% said they are still celebrating. With some people spending less this year, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and have some fun.

DrawNames makes it easy to host a virtual Secret Santa complete with Live Name Drawing and even “Unwrap Live” events. It is the perfect Christmas Day option to get everyone in the mood from Auntie Alice in Aberdeen to Grandma Carol in Cornwall!’