The Body Positive Mum Talks Shape Wear

The Body Positive Mum Talks Shape Wear

Ladies, do you ever feel a little on the unsexy side when putting on those spanx to hide the lumps and bumps? Yes, us too.
Fear not, we’ve teamed up with the gorgeous Holly from @thebodypositivemum to bring you the must-have shapewear this season that will leave you feeling fabulous both on the dance floor and at home. Here’s what Holly had to say…

Party season is upon us and I’m so excited to be getting out to celebrate the festive season, especially with my new shapewear. Defining the waist and smoothing the hips has never felt so good.

For a long time I have felt that shape wear has been super unflattering. Yes, it does the job in making us look good in a slinky outfit – outfits I wouldn’t usually dream of wearing. There were times when I could remember coming home after an evening out and wanting to hide under my dressing gown, while trying to take it off before my partner saw me in it.

Thankfully, times have changed. Shapewear has evolved and not only can we look good in an outfit, we can also feel super sexy in it too. Let’s just say, I no longer hide under my dressing gown after an evening out – I feel confident and feeling confident in yourself is so important. It can lift your mood and honestly, you feel like you can take on the world.

One of my favourite SHAPEWEAR items is from simplybe – Shape & Sculpt. It pulls me in all the right places and you can wear it with your favourite bra too. Win-win!