Re-wild your child this summer with wilderness weekends across the UK

Re-wild your child this summer with wilderness weekends across the UK

Outdoor adventure company Camp Wilderness is delighted to be springing head-first into a brighter season, with brand-new camping experiences in beautiful locations such as Penshurst Place in Kent, Blenheim Woods in Oxfordshire, Boughton Woods in Northamptonshire and Cuffley Camp in Hertfordshire, all curated by world-renowned survival expert Ed Stafford.

Due to the success of last year’s camps, there will be a mixture of ‘children only’ and family weekends throughout July and August all designed to immerse every camper into a world of exploration that is designed to be fun, challenging and exciting. And, with the thoroughly inspirational and seasoned explorer, Ed Stafford, still curating these exhilarating adventures, they are guaranteed to provide lasting happy memories for years to come.

Children only residences cater for children aged between 8 and 14 years and family activity weekends cater for children aged 6-16 years.

The three-five-day overnight summer holiday camps encourage young people to leave their screens behind and make some fantastic lifelong memories. Their days will be spent as budding explorers getting back to basics while learning how to get wild this summer.

The two-day weekends are a chance to reset the family dynamic out in nature, with the chance to spend much-needed downtime together and participate in wholesome outdoor activities. And for those wanting to challenge the mind and body a little more, Ed has designed a ‘bushcraft and survival experience’ three-day weekend.

With activities such as food foraging, animal tracking and fire lighting, those who choose to take up either weekend are promised to leave with many new skills than when they first arrived.

For returning campers or newbies looking for ways to build or hone their leadership skills, there is a brand-new experience on offer, aptly entitled The Ed Stafford Challenge, which shifts the decision-making process from the adult to the child.

As Ed Stafford explains:

“I’m delighted, though not surprised, that so many children and families are keen to experience camps like ours. With pandemic pressures still very much present in daily home and school life, how great to look forward to a few days respite where children alone or with their families can spend quality time in the fresh air, making new friends, rise to new challenges and develop lifelong skills. Partnering with Camp Wilderness enables me to reach so many new and returning families – we’ve created an opportunity you don’t see very often when looking for a UK family holiday.

“With our picturesque settings, far from main roads, buildings or technology, Camp Wilderness adventures bring out the very best in those wanting to reconnect with nature and each other, especially after the way Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on many levels of social interaction.”

For those not wanting to rough it too much, rest assured that all Camp Wilderness adventures offer wonderful safari-style bell/tipi tents and nutritious and delicious food provided courtesy of a personal chef.

Jancis Dunn, Brand Manager at Camp Wilderness adds:

“We are thrilled to be hosting Camp Wilderness again this summer – last year we saw so many inspiring children really challenging themselves while also motivating their parents and guardians.

“We create these camps because we believe children and young people deserve the opportunity to experience real-life scenarios. As an activity leader, when you see a child complete one of their assigned activities and their face is beaming, you automatically smile because it’s such a moving moment. They are so proud of their achievements, and we are too. This is why Camp Wilderness exists – we make a difference to a child’s personal development.”

Prices for the overnight summer camps start from £216.00 per child and places are limited. Two-day family camps start from £380 for children aged 6-16 years old and for adults aged over 18 – there must be at least one adult and one child per booking. For more information about Camp Wilderness please visit Bookings can be made directly through the website.