How to upgrade your child’s bedroom

How to upgrade your child’s bedroom

Lockdown has been a tough old ride for everyone and that includes the little people too however a positive that we can take from this experience is that it has given children the time to start new hobbies. 

Research carried out by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) revealed that 38% of children have been learning a musical instrument at home this year. 

While every parent encourages their children to have creative outlets however, adapting your home to keep up with their hobbies can be expensive and hard to keep up with. 

SEOMonitor data has found that searches for ‘broken plan’ are up by 28% compared to this time last year and searches for ‘multi functional room’ are up by 120%. 

Rather than embarking on a full home makeover, a great way to accommodate your child’s newfound passions to is do some light decorating in their bedroom to create a more flexible space for them.

With the new year and a fresh start around the corner, Rugs Direct have pulled together five easy, purse-friendly ways to update your child’s bedroom into a multifunctional space. 

Soft Furnishings & Home Comforts: 
These comfortable additions are the easiest pieces to choose when updating a bedroom. You might decide a whole load of vibrant scatter cushions add some life to the room and give it that grown up feel, they’ve been dying for since their best friend got some in their room. Keeping up with the trends while offering a cosy place to relax. Or maybe a fresh bedding set with a favourite film or tv character standing proud on the front is more the theme you’re going for. The wooden floor once used to prevent spillage stains has long been grown out of and a brand new carpet or rug takes its place to run your feet through on a cold morning. There are hundreds of options, and although it seems like a small change, these are the pieces that turn houses into homes. 

Renovating existing furniture:
Although this option may take a little more time and concentration the outcome can be so rewarding. Do you have an artistic flair and feel comfortable painting recognisable characters on toy boxes or reupholstering a chair that has seen better days? Thrifting is not only a positive way to get the whole family involved in a project together, but its sustainability value is also something that is widely talked about and important in today’s society. For unique inspiration, Pinterest is the perfect place to envision what your finished pieces could look like. 

 Crafting accessories to add personality to a bedroom is something that children could really excel in. There are many fun, easy and money saving options available and it would be so simple to make a day of it. Perhaps a dream catcher would be the perfect fit, with the bits and bobs you need to get going being easily accessible to you. Sticking drawings to the fridge using a magnet is a thing of the past, how about getting really arty and letting them loose with some inexpensive canvases and paints. Showcasing their work could give them a confidence boost while also opening up career and hobby options. These ideas allow your child’s personality to flourish and could help conquer the issue of flitting interests if they find a new passion. 

Fun storage ideas: 
We know how much you hate mess and getting any of your children to tidy up can be like drawing blood from a stone – it’s not going to happen. Well here are some ideas that not only eliminate mess, but might even mean that the kids start taking pride in the long run, because they enjoy their unique storage solutions. This is also a fantastic way to make use of your own junk lying around. One example is DIY shelving, there are so many fab, original ways you can keep your things off the floor. I.e. an old guitar case can be wrapped and nailed to the wall, as some cool shelving for those kids that are big music fans. Pinterest has plenty more of these thrifty ideas.

Getting everybody involved:
Finally, money might not be the only thing you’re short on at the moment, time is also something that very few parents have to make the commitment to a whole refurbishment. However, with these simple ideas and a whole host of family members sharing so much time together at the moment – maybe getting them on board will not only mean the job is done quicker with the extra sets of hands, but it could be a really great way to bond as a group. You will learn other’s skills, it could encourage your children to open up to you and chat more while working and could be a great distraction from all that is going on in the world too. 

“Once the Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts have been stored away, the new year is a fresh start and a great opportunity to overhaul your child’s bedroom to accommodate any new interests they may have gained during lockdown. 

“Finding the inspiration or the theme that really interests your children is a good place to start, if you all know what the end goal is, it saves them losing interest in the project and leaving the DIY work to be done by you. Once you know what the aim is, you can really get creative.”

“Small changes can often have the biggest impact, don’t feel that you need to renovate the entire room to get a noticeable result. Some new storage solutions, or a range of soft furnishings can be enough to give it a refresh. So pull the troops together and make a day of it. With this much time spent at home, everyone deserves a private space they love.”

 – Nick Acaster, Managing Director at Rugs Direct