At midday on Monday 21st March, tickets will go on sale for LaplandUK, the multi-award-winning immersive Christmas experience and the most anticipated ticket release of the year for families.  The experience located in Ascot will open its magical doors on 12th November 2022 running until 24th December 2022.  Show tickets from £59.00 plus booking fees available from

LaplandUK is a live adaptation of the original stories written by co-founders Mike & Alison Battle, ‘The Untold Story of Father Christmas’ and ‘The Secrets of the Christmas Elves’ which introduces people to the secret world of Lapland. This spectacular immersive experience transports its audience – Small (child) and Big (adult) Folk – to a magical place of wonder from the very moment they step inside this fantastical world.  Human Folk are immediately greeted by the Woodland Elves who will guide them along the Elven pathways to a magical doorway in the depths of the Enchanted Forest. At the doorway, the elves will teach their sacred path rhyme to the Human Folk and once repeated together, the doorway will miraculously open to a secret world that awaits.


As the handwritten wax-sealed invitation received by the Small Folk at home had confirmed, Father Christmas has a Good List and it’s very long so the elves need help to ensure every child gets a present! Therefore, once in Lapland, It’s straight to the Toy Factory where each Small Folk will make a toy for Whittle, Head of the Toy Factory.   After helping in the Toy Factory, it’s off to Mother Christmas’ kitchen for gingerbread decorating and story time with Mother Christmas and her elves.


Human Folk will then continue to journey deeper into the forest until happening upon the true heart of Lapland, the Elven Village, bustling with the day to day world of the elves as they prepare for Christmas! Here Small Folk can meet Elva the Postmistress and send a letter to Father Christmas from her Post Office, ice-skate on Father Christmas’s frozen pond, meet the huskies and visit Pumpernickel’s restaurant and PixieMixie’s sweet shop.


Home to a very special man, it’s the time to visit Father Christmas in his cosy wood-cabin home, passing his magical sleigh and reindeer on the way. LaplandUK creates a truly personalised experience with Father Christmas as he relays specific information to each Small Folk that they can’t believe he actually knows! Every Small Folk receives a special golden bell that Father Christmas awards to his very best elves and a beautiful soft husky puppy toy from his Husky Hero sled team to take home and love.


LaplandUK is a four hour experience that transports families to another world and into the true home of Father Christmas and his many elves. Small and Big Folk alike can completely revel in the festivities and treasure this precious moment whilst Small Folk are of a believing age.


Mike Battle, creator and co-founder of LaplandUK comments: We’ve created an unimaginable world, based on an enchanting story – The Untold Story of Father Christmas – where Small Folk and Big Folk truly believe they’ve been transported to the home of Father Christmas in the UK.   It’s a unique experience where families come together to make magical memories at Christmas whilst their children still believe.”


Alison Battle, creator and co-founder of LaplandUK comments: “Christmas is a magical time for parents and children, but the innocent belief children have in Father Christmas doesn’t last forever.   So come to LaplandUK to revel in the moment your children still believe in a charming and authentic world of wonder that transports you to a place of make believe.”


Tickets for LaplandUK can be purchased from

LaplandUK can be found in Whitmoor Forest, Ascot, Berkshire.

Experience the joy of Christmas. Honouring childhood together. LaplandUK.