100% pure breast milk, delivered to your door

100% pure breast milk, delivered to your door

The UK’s FIRST private milk bank, Best Milk, was founded by Dr Julia Sarno and is committed to helping parents who are facing difficulties with breastfeeding, by delivering 100% pure breast milk.

Operating in line with NHS NICE Clinical Guidelines 93, Best Milk collect, screen and supply pure, human breast milk from third party wetnurses to the parents in need of a helping hand.

Who is Best Milk for?

  • Parents of premature infants
  • Parents of babies who need breast milk as a part of healing therapy
  • Parents on induced lactation
  • Parents of surrogate and adopted babies who cannot breastfeed
  • Parents of hungry babies who need extra top up
  • Mums who struggle with breastfeeding

Bestmilk deliver their milk is glass bottles as not only is it better for the planet we’re bringing out little ones up in, but it also protects the breast milk from dangerous carcinogens present in plastic.

They have their very own in-house midwife to help parents with the ongoing parenting questions and offer her support surrounding breastmilk. Currently the NHS offer breastmilk to babies who are premature or severely ill, but Best Milk are here to help those parents who don’t fall under those categories.

Their in-house midwife Justine McNulty would be more than happy to provide any expert comment needed surrounding babies, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and motherhood.

“After struggling to produce enough milk for my baby and not wanting to rely on formula I discovered Best Milk. My husband and I decided to try the initial starter pack of 3 bottles. I’ve been highly impressed with the level of support and care provided especially with follow up check in calls. The company go above and beyond! Very professional and couldn’t be happier with the service. Thank you Justine for all your help!” – Sarah, London.